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Mon Bataclan


Lemieux Éditeur, October 2016, 48 pages.

A survivor of Paris terrorist attack on the 13th of November 2015 relates through a deeply moving and honourable testimony the events that took place in the Bataclan.

• A 15-page-long comic strip followed by an illustrated text.
• A universal tale about what it means to be a victim of terrorism and its power to connect victims to one another.

In the darkness, two hands are timidly holding each other. Fred and the girl he calls Elisa are covered in other people’s blood. Today is the 13th of November 2015, and they are in front of the stage, standing. They came to see the Eagles of Death Metal show, but the atmosphere takes a sudden and tragic historical turn. For the next two hours their lives are at stake. Fred does his best to comfort the young girl next to him whose leg has been wounded. This post attack story accounts in a tragic but always respectful way, one’s life being shattered, and the necessity of putting it back together. For months Fred has the unbearable feeling of still being held prisoner within the Bataclan.

As a professional graphic designer, it is by holding his pencil and holding on to life that he slowly recovers. He talks about his friends who survived, his family’s reactions, the unspeakable, his deepest fears and emotions as a survivor, his interaction with the police, justice and his psychologist, the day he was recognized as one of the victims, the harshness of going back to work, his childhood spent in a “sensitive suburb” and the Salafist group, his tolerance, his political views as well as his passion for rock music.

Fred Dewilde shows through his testimony and his drawings that it is possible to resist to terror and really escape from the Bataclan.

Fred Dewilde was born in 1966 ; he is a graphic designer and lives in the suburb of Paris. Rock music and drawing lover, he came out, bewildered, of the Bataclan, still alive and standing.

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