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Café Krilo

Copenhagen, three Danish friends have lived during the utopian period that the famous Café Krilo, embodies in the 70s. Today they try to live and fight a society that they do not accept.

• Baptiste Boryzcka proves his ability to develop endearing characters with a rebellious eagerness, some of us might identify with.
• A tragic and yet full of hope story relating real events in a so-called modern Europe.

What if our bigger threat was not terrorist attacks, or war refugees, but rather our reaction to these phenomena ? Lack of braveness, of common dream, freedom of mind…
In the heart of the famous « red » neighbourhood of Copenhagen, Vesterbro, the Café Krilo has been one of the main stronghold of rebellion and counter-culture. It eventually had to close under the threat and repeated assaults of the regime. In the setting of the Café in ruins, and in the shadow of the local church, three characters fight and struggle to find a meaning in their life, in a retrograde society. There is something rotten in this seemingly gentle kingdom of the North, reflecting what permeates in today’s Europe.
The three friends, just like other locals, face dangerous situations and are victims of injustice. At the risk of their life, they constantly hesitate between keeping a low profile and survive, run away, or fight to give this town its freedom back.
With an elegant and humoristic tone, Baptiste Boryczka relates the dilemmas of our modern society and succeeds once more to highlight a desire of utopia we all share.

After leading a first life as a sound operator on Parisians radio shows, Baptiste Boryczka is now a Project Manager in a big Danish company. His first novel KORZEN (Lemieux, 2015) written like a nordic tale, describes the Capital city of an imaginary European country.

Baptiste Boryczka : CAFÉ KRILO (KRILO CAFÉ)
Lemieux Éditeur, February 2017, 160 pages

Rights :
Germany, Nordic countries & Netherlands : Wandel-Cruse Literary Agency, Arabella Cruse

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